Unlike most people today, I have a personal website. This is it. I have had my own site since 1996 and it has been on this domain - mdv.se - since 23 August 2003. It will never be very useful or finished, though I would not call it a work in progress, since there is nothing really to progress towards.

At the moment I use it to share some programs I have written in C and to post some pictures of myself from over the years. It is not narcissism - it is a lack of other content! I know that there are many services I could use for both of these things, but I neither aim to reach as many people as possible - mainly just myself and maybe a friend or two - nor to have the services ready-made and served up for me. I want to create my own solutions.

Mostly though, I hang on to this domain for the e-mail addresses I have on it. Since I have the domain however, I wanted to put something here.

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| programs | pictures

After attending an introductory course in C programming at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, during the autumn of 2010, I started writing programs in C. Here are some of them. The files are compressed using 7-zip and contain a Windows executable file (.exe) and in some cases other supporting files.

When I think that a program is ready enough I put it here. However, I may still improve on it if I think of something - and I do, sometimes years after I first put it here. I also choose to not put some of the things I write here if I think that they are too simple or interesting only to me. For example, I really liked a dll I wrote with support functions for an Excel macro I made, but that is pretty much useless without that macro - and the need for that macro in the first place. I have also written a relatively large program for controlling the lights in our home, but that is not general enough to be of use to anyone else.

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